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Aviation Challenge Powered by Air Arabia

JAN 22, 2017

Do you have what it takes to INNOVATE in the aviation industry?

Take a crack at this challenge and create IMPACT with Air Arabia!

Problem Statement:

The Arab Aviation sector is among the fastest growing in the World. In fact, the Middle East region is leading the world’s aviation with over 12% growth every year. The Arab region is also home for world leading airlines and airports, in particular, the United Arab Emirates.  Aviation & Tourism is the major – non oil – to the development of Arab economies and the Arab Aviation sector alone requires more than 70,000 skilled people in the next decade – yet arguably, unemployment rate in the Arab world is on the rise!

The Challenge:

How can we close the gap between the various skilled jobs needed in the Arab Aviation sector and its supporting industries and the unemployment rate among Arab youth; using technology as the main platform to bring awareness, attract youth and provide tangible solutions.

To keep in mind:

Arab Aviation cover many industries including airlines, airports, MRO companies, and many other sectors that make up the aviation infrastructure.

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